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I reply to all of your requests by myself, usually it takes me no more than 48 hours.
If you don't get an answer within first 2 days please send me another message.

If there is a question you do not understand or you are not sure how to answer, give a best guess and let me know in the "tattoo description" section how I can help.

Please do not duplicate your request if you didn't get a response.

If you didn't get a response from me after a week please check your junk mail.

I'm located in Hamilton, Ontario - Canada!

But I travel all the time to a different cities.

Check out below my schedule for 2024 out of Hamilton:

• May 17th til 19th - Columbus, OH, USA

Hell City Tattoo Fest

Hyatt Regency Downtown

• August 09th til 11th - Winnipeg, MB, USA

Winnipeg tattoo convention

Red River Exhibition Park

• September 06th til 08th - Berlin, Germany

Tattoo Convention Berlin

Arena Berlin

• September 13th til 15th - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tattoo Convention Amsterdam

NDSM Loods

• October 18th - 20th - Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

BMO centre, Stampede Park

More dates gonna be update soon!

Wanna me as a guest in your tattoo studio? 

Message me through the from below 


• To book your next tattoo or a consultation with me, you need to submit a tattoo request form below. I will contact you by email to discuss your ideas.

• All consultations are done online unless I require a personal consultation for certain reason (cover up, skin condition, scars, crazy design ideas that doesnt make sense, etc).

• It is important to provide as much information and details about your idea as possible.

• Upon we agree about your design and ideas, as well the tattoo cost, I will offer you available dates and information for the deposit.

• Read the other menus topics like "prepare" and "aftercare"




My schedule varies a lot every month due to travel, guests and conventions, and like every human being, I have a few days off from time to time.
I don't usually have a waiting list because it's not the way I like to work.
I recommend for tattoos that take more than a day to complete, schedule two or more days, so that the wait between sessions is not long.

All consultations is online based on the information submitted in the form.
Mostly of my work is free hand so I don't have any previous design to show to you, so make sure you submit the form with as much informations as possible, so the time I'm doing the free hand of your tattoo I have all the information as necessary.
It is important to remain open-minded in order to leave my creative freedom.

Get this in mind: Some designs I'll do a stencil for being more convenient, in this case, you gonna see your design in your tattoo appoitment, before I start tattooing.

If you have questions about this, let me know when you fill the form.

My rate is of $1300 per day of tattooing.
You will be not charged any extra amounts for the designing the project or free hand.
I accept cash, credit cards or E-transfer.

Deposit is $400 NON REFUNDABLE.
The appointment will be confirmed once the deposit is received.

You can reschedule your appointment only once and have to give minimum 4 days notice.
If you miss your appointment, give a late notice or need to unreasonably reschedule more than 2 times, you will lose your deposit.

If the tattoo is a cover up or rework, the price is $1500 per day of tattooing.

For small and medium tattoos the price is set during the consultation.

I don't charge per hour.


I Confirm Being 18+ Years Old
Is This a Cover Up Tattoo?

If your next tattoo is a cover-up or rework, please take a well-lit photo of the tattoo or scar that you would like covered (close up and the entire placement). Also please note how old the tattoo/scar is in the "Tattoo Idea Description" box.

Upload File

Below you will upload photos of tattoo references or images that you identify with and like the most and the body placement, this way I have the chance to get to know you better and make it easier for me when I draw your tattoo.

Tattoo Reference 01

Upload File

Tattoo Reference 03

Upload File

Tattoo Reference 02

Upload File

Body Placement Picture

Upload File

Thanks for submitting.

In the maximum 48 hours you will receive your quote!

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