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Here you gonna read my personal recommendations, what to do before, what to take and what you can do during the session


Before your appointment

• Keep the area for the future tattoo away from any possible damage (scratches, burns etc.)

• Use sunscreen any time you leave your home.

• Start using any water based moisturizer in 2-3 weeks before your appointment.

• Drink water and stay hydrated. 

Day before and the morning

• Sleep well.

• In the morning take a shower. 

• Have a good breakfast. Drink water.

• Dress comfortable with an easy access to the tattoo area.

 Arrive a few minutes before your appointment so you can fill out the waiver and we can talk about your design.

What NOT to do

• Do not drink alcohol at least 72 hours prior your appointment (You gonna bleed as hell if you do).

• Do not take any blood thinners (such as aspirin).

• Do not tan. If you are going on the vacation use a strong sunscreen at the whole time.

• On the day of the session do not shave the area, moisturize again.

• Do NOT use any numbing creams.

• Don't show up in your appointment with all your family member or friends. One person is okay.

What take with you

Snacks, preferably with high level of carbs (sugar snacks, chips).

• Drinks, water.

• Book, tablet and headphones.

• If you'll be laying down at the session for the extra comfort you can take you pillow or a blanket.

You need to be confortable during your tattoo session

This items might keep you distracted from the pain.

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